So I’m just back from a healing trip to Bodrum, which is my sanctuary with my Cowboy. It is THE BEST place for me to EARTH and connect with nature – I am so relaxed, happy and carefree when I can jump in the sea, swim with the fishes, walk barefoot on the sand and hear the sound of the waves lap the shore. All those negative natural icons make me positive! I grew up in Bahrain when I was little and I could pretty much swim before I could walk!

Trips abroad to sunny places for R&R are not as frequent as I would like! So now back in London with the stress of work, daily life, traffic etc. I want to keep that connection with Mother Nature, which is good for lowering my stress levels and creating a peaceful and happy heart.

‘Earthing’ or ‘Grounding’ is the action of regularly connecting to the Earth’s naturally raw and powerful energy by walking barefoot in the grass, sand or a forest.

The healing benefits of doing this are tremendous and should not be forgotten. This is such a simple, easily accessible thing to do, doesn’t cost you anything, and will give you such rewards.

Thus yesterday on my quest to stay Grounded I went to the park, took off my shoes and walked around in the lush grass. Felt SO good! Sure people were looking at me rather strangely but I don’t care – they should be doing the same! I wanted to start an Earthing movement!

So how does this feel-good healing energy happen exactly?

The Earth maintains limitless mobile and continuously renewing negative electrical potential on its surface. When you are in direct contact with it – skin to earth- these electrons are conducted through your body bringing it stable and in balance with the Earth. Our skin acts a ‘conductor’ absorbing the electrical charge helping to set our biological clock, regulate circadian rhythms, lower inflammation, fight free radicals, energize us and balance cortisol levels.

The body’s brain, heart-beat and neurotransmitter activity all reply on electrical signals – so when that electricity is off from spending too much time above ground, on rugs, in shoes etc. then so can certain aspects of our health be off. The immune system functions optimally when the body has adequate supply of electrons, which can be easily got from barefoot contact with the Earth.

So everyone – don’t overlook this important powerful healing mechanism that you have right outside your front door – GET EARTHING!