Self-care is often promoted as doing the outer work first. ……Physical steps or actions that make us happy and feel good despite what is going on around us.

Self-care I think I’m pretty good at!

My top ways to nurture my wellbeing are:

  1. Making sure I get a good 8 hours sleep
  2. Working out daily to make myself feel good and strong in mind and body. I work on my body to keep t in the shape I am happy with so I feel content to eat whatever I want to in order to nourish it more
  3. Taking walks around the park – feeding the ducks and swans on the pond
  4. Travelling abroad often even if just for a few days to swim in the sea and be at one with nature breathing in the fresh air and absorbing the positive ions
  5. Meditating
  6. Only using natural cosmetic and beauty lotions and potions on my skin. Along with non toxic cleaning products in the house
  7. Spending quality, heart warming, time with friends and family talking rather than looking at our phones
  8. Treating myself to manicures, pedicures, reflexology or a massage
  9. Taking an Epsom Salt bath to ease my muscles and mind whilst aiding my body to detox naturally
  10. Netflix or some TV series bingeing
  11. Drinking fabulous homemade juices with all the superfood powders I want and eating nourishing food to fuel my body and mind
  12. Watching Michael Macintyre clips to have a good laugh
  13. Snuggling with my cowboy on the sofa
  14. Listening to music and dancing around the room
  15. Rebounding

Self-love we feel on an emotional level and is nurtured through complete collaboration of our body, mind and spirit. 

It is about knowing who we really are, genuinely accepting and loving that person from deep in our heart.

Self love is about having inner self esteem, confidence and appreciation in yourself despite exterior dependences such as income, relationship status, where we live, our weight, our social media number of followers, etc.

Self Love must be on going and consistent. Stand strong in our own power then decisions become easier and we can give so much more love to those around us. Self-love is a state of being and embracing the idea that we are WORTHY of receiving

For self-love we must speak to yourselves kindly, see and embrace ourselves as WORTHY of receiving all that we want. Never compare ourselves to anyone else. Accept who we are and own it.

Sometimes I can get these 2 super aligned and other days they are well off – normally the self-love will get stuck – maybe some spots came up and I get angry and frustrated which I know only makes the issue worse and is totally counter productive but it’s hard! I do so much self care that I don’t understand why I still struggle with breakouts – it seems unfair to me. I heal my PureJo clients of some many diseases and problems they have yet I continue to struggle with this one for years now in myself. Often when I’m having a bad skin day I take it out on others – those closest to me – I can be my own worst enemy wanting to hibernate until the spots go away. I think people will perceive me as dirty or eating badly which I am so not! Snapping out of the self-hate can be hard. Hough I am blessed and grateful for cowboy who loves me for who I am and sees beyond the stops. Something I am trying to do myself, as I grow everyday.

Often people think they will be happier when…this happens…or that happens…or when they get this or that…but that is so not the case…. True Self-Love is accepting that we are exactly where we are meant to be in life at that moment and embracing that – so what if we don’t fall into ‘The Norm”!

We are all unique worthy and gorgeous.

Some good ways to practise Self Love daily

  1. Implement gratitude – Every morning say what and who you are grateful for. Find a rock that you feel drawn to and every night hold that rock before you sleep saying the one thing you were most grateful for that day and why ,repeating ‘Thank you Thank You Thank You’ 3 times afterwards
  2. Exercise Mirror affirmations – look into your eyes through a mirror and tell yourself how much you love and accept yourself and that you are worthy of everything you desire
  3. Forgive yourself
  4. Protect yourself
  5. Respect and honour yourself
  6. Live with intention and purpose in the moment
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others – be proud to be unique
  8. Accept yourself for all your imperfections and embrace them understanding your true nature
  9. Trust your instincts and your gut
  10. Be kind and support yourself through the hard times
  11. Be loving and caring to others then you will feel more love and fulfilment in your own life
  12. Believe in yourself and live an incredible life
  13. Smile
  14. Know you do not need someone else to complete you (Jerry Maguire was wrong!) YOU COMPLETE YOU

I guess ultimately self-care is fruitless without self-love. We should all practise the self care without guilt or shame – do everything believing we are worthy of all the positive benefits it has to our health and wellness

So know the difference in self care vs. self-love.

Be mindful to create both bountiful – own and live them to be the Best version of you.