GOSH it has been a while since I got drunk! In fact the last drink I had was after landing in LA – being so excited to be there, in the sun, by the pool…so cool….. I ordered a cocktail – felt AMAZING for 20 minutes then back in the room trying to unpack I was a Zombie…everything was spinning…I had a corker of a headache and had to lie down!


I have to say I do not miss that waking in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep as the room spins and you feel quite nauseous…OUCH…so you pop a pill to make you get back to sleep, oblivious of the damage that alone is doing.


A downside to being super pure and clean with your eating, drinking and lifestyle a majority of the time, means that when you do indulge in say a glass or two of your fancied tipple you will feel the repercussions all the more!

Suddenly you have become a lightweight!


This annoys many clients at first but it shows how well their body has adapted to better nourishment and this usually fuels them to stay away from the alcohol and continue with feel good work.


As I tell everyone – I’m a cheap date!


Saying that what can we do when we do go out, let loose and rip it up!?!


PRE-TOX – Things to supplement when you know you will be drinking a lot over a certain period.



This important nutrient is needed for over 500 of the body’s enzymatic processes. Alcohol depletes it and they say around 70% of the population is in fact already deficient in Magnesium. Take it daily to build your body stores and it will to aid a quicker recovery from over indulgence. The anti-inflammatory properties of Magnesium are especially helpful post drinking too.

B Vitamins

B1 especially and B6 are considered to lessen hangover effects. They are needed to eliminate the alcohol from the body but drinking alcohol depletes them so it is important to stock up before and after to aid the body with quick recovery.

Vitamin C

Drinking alcohol depletes the body of Vit C too which is needed to reduce the booze induced oxidative stress in the liver. Make sure you are getting enough before and after a night out either through food or supplements.

Milk Thistle

The antioxidants silymarin and silybin in Milk Thistle help to protect the liver from toxins including the effects of alcohol. The silymarin increases glutathione, which is the body’s most powerful antioxidant and even helps the liver regenerate cells so you might want to consider taking a daily Milk Thistle supplement during the festive period.



Before you sleep:



Drink lots of good quality water to rehydrate.

Maybe add some lemon to alkalize.

OR Mix a tsp. of baking soda in water and drink that – helps to alkalize the body – beware you will belch!

Maybe even have a Raw Coconut Water to replenish the lost electrolytes.

Nux Vomica

This homeopathic remedy is created from the seeds of the strychnos nux vomica tree. Also known as poison nut or vomiting nut, this tree is an evergreen tree that is native to East IndiaBurmaThailandChina, and Northern Australia.

It is useful for restoring balance when a person has over-indulged with alcohol and food. As such, it is the main remedy to have on standby during the festive season to treat symptoms such as: headache or migraine; sensitivity to light, odours, or noise; nausea and vomiting; retching, vomiting or diarrhoea; and, undigested food sitting like “lead” in the stomach.

Take a couple of tablets under your tongue before bed.


The morning after:

Eat potassium rich foods

Essential for proper nerve and muscle function Potassium stores are greatly depleted after alcohol consumption so tuck into some



Eat magnesium rich foods

Essential for the for the same reasons as Potassium



The perfect drink to restore the body’s lost electrolytes. Raw unpasteurized is best. Fresh watermelon works well too.

Healthy nutritious breakfast

Include lots of the above magnesium and potassium rich foods mentioned above. Eggs have L-cysteine, which is beneficial to help break down and release toxins so have a few of those too. Sweet Potatoes are rich in Vitamins C, A and B6 with good amounts of beta-carotene and potassium. Thus these nutrient dense complex carbs are perfect for a satisfying brunch to help stabilize blood sugar levels and boost your energy.


Probably the last thing you feel like doing but a short bout of HIIT will help to sweat out some of the toxins.


Essential to rehydrate

Bone Broth

Great to restore the body’s lost minerals.

Ginger Tea

Should you get nausea post drinking then hot water with fresh ginger root will help to settle the stomach. It will also help to stabilize blood glucose levels.

Fresh Air

Go for a walk and get some fresh air or even better jump in the sea if it is close by! Fill up on the fresh oxygen and breathe deep.


The body repairs itself while we sleep so try to get as much shut eye as you can to wake feeling refreshed.


You can in fact minimize a hangover while you are in the drinking process too – it may be too late for some people already reading this but worth considering for the next session!


Eat before

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster! The booze is absorbed super quick and can lead to painful stomach irritation. So be sure to line the stomach with a good meal before drinking.

In the Mediterranean they drink a spoonful of olive oil to line the stomach before drinking –maybe try that?!

Stay Hydrated

To prevent dehydration drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink. Include a large glass before bed to ease the hangover symptoms.


Try! I can be hard! Or at least stop drinking when you are ‘Merry!” That feeling is a sign that the body’s detoxification pathways are becoming overwhelmed and finding it hard to metabolize it all. Stop then or take a break.

Even better – Don’t drink at all!

Clear Alcohol and don’t mix drinks

Avoid the sugary cocktails and drinks with bubbles, which will make a hangover worse. As will mixing your drinks during the course of the session.

Stick to clear liquors such as Vodka, Gin, white wine as they have fewer congeners than dark varieties – known to cause that ‘heavy head’ the next day!