(Dairy, soy and gluten free – from Bovine source)


These tablets are loaded with 6g collagen per serving, 60mg of antioxidant Vitamin C and 18 Amino Acids to help replenish the body’s supply of vital protein……they pack a powerful punch to deeply nourish the body and delay the signs of ageing.

Pure with no soy, gluten or dairy these are perfect for most people.

Easy to swallow, I have been taking at least 2 a day for a few months now and noticed the difference in my facial skin for sure – more plump, smooth and less defined wrinkles. My nails are growing long and strong and hair strength improving. No way will I ever stop taking these daily – I want to age beautifully and consistency is the key to results.


  • revitalizes skin, hair & nails.
  • fights the effects of ageing.
  • replenishes collagen.
  • supports tendons & ligaments.
  • boosts protein intake.


COLLAGEN VANILLA POWDER– bioactive peptides

BIG fan of these easy to use, convenient sachets (you can also get it as loose powder in a big bottle). So handy to travel with, and add to juices / smoothies. I have one a day in my morning juice without fail. The flavour is delicious – so sweet without any sugar and all natural vanilla flavour.

Each sachet gives you 6g collagen, Vitamin C and some Biotin to promote internal collagen production and keep my looks youthful.


  • replenishes collagen
  • fights the effects of ageing
  • revitalizes skin, hair & nails

So don’t grow old too quick – order your collagen today and remember you can’t take too much collagen!


I also recommend YouTheory TUMERIC   – Curcumoids are the powerful phytonutrients that give Turmeric it’s bright yellow color and are responsible for the majority of health benefits that are attributed to this “super spice.”* Youtheory Turmeric is the highest quality material, infused with a patented Black Pepper extract to enhance the bio-availability of curcuminoids and the perfect supplements to take daily.

I take 2 tablets a day – they are quite big so do take with water.


  • higher potency, better absorbtion, patented Curcumin C3 Complex, powerful antioxidant properties & supports healthy inflammation response.