Varicose veins are veins that have become enlarged, lumpy, dark in colour and twisted. Usually occurring on the legs and feet. You know if you have them and they can be quite embarrassing for some people especially in summer when we all want to wear shorts or skirts.

Before you opt for drastic and expensive surgeries, lasers or prescription creams……Panic not. There are many ways to improve the appearance of ones you have and to boost your entire vascular system to prevent them from progressing naturally.



Exercise will lower inflammation and improve blood circulation

Be a healthy weight for your height so there is no added pressure on the veins

Don’t cross your legs

Don’t stand for too long periods

Raise your legs in the air after a long time on your feet and flutter your feet, which is fabulous for lymphphatic drainage.

Eat fresh foods and home cooked meals.



Cayenne Pepper

Fab spice – capsicum helps drive circulation by heating up the body and it is a great source of Vit C with is great for overall collagen production

Add to food or topically onto the skin – mix with coconut oil


High Fiber Foods: (all these help PMS, constipation and Hemorrhoids)

Seeds, nuts, veggies, berries, avocado, spinach.

25-35g a day


Apple Cider Vinegar

Anti-inflammatory and gets the circulation going in the vein walls.

Mixed with witch hazel applied topically can reduce swelling and improve the appearance in a few weeks.



Loaded with antioxidants

Cup a day of blueberries or any berries – frozen or fresh. Eat the seeds if you can


Vitamin E

Known to prevent blood clots, aid a happy heart and be a natural blood thinner. You must have trocopherols and tocotrienols if taking a supplement – 400 IU daily.

Good fat – occurs naturally in nuts, avocado. Take orally or topically.


Bone Broth

Provides collagen, minerals, and glycine. Added benefit of hair and nail health


Chia and Flax seeds

High in fiber, antioxidants and nutrients like Omega 3. Super anti-inflammatory

2-3 tbsp. of organic ones a day





Trans Fats

Any oil that says hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. No margarine. These are damage fats and cause a vacum that sucks up the antioxidants



Helps you put on fat and kills the immune system. No benefits at all to the body.

Use natural alternatives – coconut sugar, stevia, honey, and monk sugar.



Contributes to arterial damage and blood pressure problems



Not good for circulation, the hormones or for weight management.

Ok would be organic certified sulphate free red wine. Deplete antioxidants.


Processed foods

Suck up all the goodness in our body including the antioxidants. No chips, burgers etc. The high sodium level contain toxins, which make the swelling of varicose veins worse, and is very dehydrating.


NATURAL REMEDIES – take in tea form, capsules or essential oil applied direct onto the veins

Horse Chestnut

Chinese herb good for vascular system

Butchers Broom

Made a tea out of it or 200mg a day


Drives the circulation and is a good antioxidant

Cypress essential oil

Add to the veins in carrier oil such as Coconut. Rub in five drops twice daily to affected areas

Grape seed extract

Has OPCs, which are antioxidants so 200mg a day

Be consistent as results take time but you will see improvements and prevent yourself from getting any more in the future. Start now in time for summer 2018!