The body is incredibly complex and intricate but importantly personalized. No two bodies are totally the same. We are always learning and discovering new things about the human body thanks to advancing technology and science.

Here are some of my favourite bizarre facts:

Noses and ears continue to grow.
As these are made of cartilage they continue to grow. Bones stop growing after we hit puberty and our eyes remain the same size as when we were born.

Babies are colour blind
Babies only develop the perception of colour as they begin to develop being born colour blind. Their gain distance and depth perception even later in their infant stages too. Plus All babies are born with blue eyes.

It takes time for the melanin (the pigment that imparts colour) to deposit fully and show the baby’s true eye colour. This happens after exposure to UV light.

3. Stomach acid could dissolve metal
The PH in our stomach is so low 1-2.5PH and this would normally be acidic enough to dissolve metal. The reason our stomach wall stays in tack is it is constantly renewing itself – it sheds old cells and makes new cells keeping the wall intact every 4-5 days prevent it digesting itself.

4. A strand of hair can live up to 7 years
With a healthy diet and lifestyle hair can live up to 7 years but fall out anytime after 3.

5. The cornea is the only body part without a blood supply
Every other organ has a direct blood supply providing it with oxygen. Corneas get oxygen directly from the air.

6. The femur bone is the largest bone in the body
It can support 30 x the weight of the human body and the strongest muscle is the jaw muscle – the masseter.

7. The brain contains 86 billion nerve cells
All joined by 100 trillion connections – more than the number of stars in the Milky Way.

8. Human tongue has its own unique print like our fingers.
There are more bacteria on our tongue and in our mouth than there are people in the world

9. Human shed 1.5 ponds of skin every year – 600,000 particles every hour.
105 pounds of skin will be lost by the time we are 70 years old.

10. The liver is our largest organ
It s the only organ also able to totally regenerate itself but too much abuse will kill it.

11. The body will process 100,000 pounds of food in our lifetime.
We will also consume over 12,000 gallons of water.

12. We produce in our lifetime enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

13. A healthy human can survive 20 days without food and 2 days without water.

14. If our DNA was uncoiled it would stretch 10 billion miles
That’s the distance from Earth to Pluto and back.

15. A person’s feet has about 500,000 sweat glands and can produce about a pint of sweat a day