I have for the last year had egg white on my yellow food intolerance list so have been experimenting with egg substitutes of recipes. I don’t avoid it totally especially if a special occasion or I’m eating out but when at home cooking I do try. This is also very significant if you are a vegan – someone who is following a way of eating or diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy and other animal derived ingredients.

In a Pie base / crust:

Mix in a processor a selection of your favourite nuts 2 parts to 1 part some dried fruit – dates work really well and perhaps a little lemon juice with water if you need a bit of extra moisture.

For Scrambled eggs:

Tofu is a common egg replacer perfect here if you crumble a block in a pan with your favourite veggie and spices.

For Quiches or frittatas:

Again firm tofu or chickpeas whizzed up give a good hit of protein and create a similar texture to the eggs.

To make Ice cream:

Totally fabulous is Coconut milk replacing the eggs and any cream needed. Super rich and full of anti bacterial and anti microbial properties – great for the gut.

Cashews can be used here too giving a smooth protein rich texture.

To make Cookies:

Chickpea flour again as a binder / leavener – 3tbsp. with 3 tbsp. of water for each egg

For Cakes, muffins or breads that need to be moist:

Applesauce is my winner here but other options would be sweet potato or pumpkin puree. All create moist dense baked goods. 3 tbsp. per egg. If you want the product to leaven (ferment and rise) a bit add ½ a tsp. of baking soda

Otherwise Flaxseed and Chia seeds – two super foods with numerous health benefits without any over powering flavor. 1 tbsp. or flax / chia seeds with 3 tbsp. of water added to the mixture instead of eggs will made it thick and creamy.



It all very personal to have a play and create some great vegan goodies minus the eggs.