In my opinion, gut health is the beginning of overall health. Conditions like leaky gut syndrome are linked to diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, arthritis and more. Research also suggests there is a connection between your gut micro biome and your emotions. So you can see why your gut health is so important… Not to mention that an unhealthy gut can simply lead to uncomfortable conditions like constipation and bloating.

1. Stay Hydrated – keeps the gut moving, prevents constipation – Water, juices, bone broth, juicy fruit and veggies

2. CHEW 30 times at least

3. Mono Meals – consume one food at a time – especially with protein eat that first at your meal

4. Bone broth – top gut loving food

5. One pot cooked for days – easier for digestion

6. Probiotics – essential for gut and lung health, helps your fitness stamina and balances the immune system.

7. Fermented foods – personally I love Kombucha but also try sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled veggies, pickles, cottage cheese, organic fermented soy, ACV, olives raw fermented, (OILVES GOOD FOR CONSTIPATION) sourdough bread,

8. Good Fats – long chain fats that help to move the bowel so Salmon, Mackerel, Flaxseed Oil, Avocado, Olive Oil

9. Blueberries – high in anti oxidants especially Resveratrol. Good for brain and gut because of the pectin content and soluble fiber. They aid heavy metal detoxification.

10. Peppermint oil – calms an angry gut. Soothing and relaxing, – inhale or apply topically.

11. Ginger – the spice of 100 uses – nausea, morning sickness, calms upper GI issues, – personally I love chewing on Sugar-free Dried Ginger Chunks

12. Jump on a Rebounder – 10 minutes twice a day – gets bowels moving. drink 16 oz. of fluid 20 mins before then bounce for 10 mins. Great for peristalsis.

13. Eat lots of fiber. Soluble fiber soothes an upset gut.
Insoluble releases constipation. Use a combo of both – fruits and veggies – KIWI is great has an enzyme like bromelain and helps move the bowel for all ages.

Always make sure you sit down and make eating a ritual – be grateful what you are about to consume. Take a deep breathe, smell the aromas, relax and then tuck in!