If you don’t know by now that SUGAR is poison then where have you been?!

Sugar maybe the single most unhealthiest ingredient in the modern diet.

A lot of it is hidden in processed foods, so we don’t even realize we are eating it.

Don’t be fooled by more natural-sounding names either. Sweeteners like cane juice, beet sugar, fruit juice, rice syrup and molasses, coconut sugar are still types of sugar.





Here are 60 different names PureJo found used for added sugar to please look out for:

  1. Agave nectar
  2. Anhydrous dextrose
  3. Barley malt
  4. Beet sugar
  5. Blackstrap molasses
  6. Brown rice syrup
  7. Brown sugar
  8. Buttered syrup
  9. Cane crystals
  10. Cane juice
  11. Caramel
  12. Carob syrup
  13. Castor sugar
  14. Coconut sugar
  15. Confectioner’s powdered sugar
  16. Corn syrup / sweetener
  17. Corn syrup solids
  18. Crystal dextrose
  19. Crystalline fructose
  20. Date sugar
  21. Demerara sugar
  22. Dextrin
  23. Dextrose
  24. Diastatic malt
  25. D-ribose
  26. Ethyl maltol
  27. Florida crystals
  28. Fructose
  29. Fruit juice
  30. Galactose
  31. Glucose
  32. Glucose solids
  33. Golden sugar
  34. Golden syrup
  35. Grape sugar
  36. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
  37. Honey
  38. Icing sugar
  39. Invert sugar
  40. Lactose
  41. Malt syrup
  42. Maple syrup
  43. Maltodextrin
  44. Maltose
  45. Molasses
  46. Muscovado sugar
  47. Nectars (for example, peach or pear nectar)
  48. Pancake syrup
  49. Panela sugar
  50. Rapadura
  51. Raw sugar
  52. Refiner’s sugar
  53. Sorghum syrup
  54. Sucanat
  55. Sucrose
  56. Sugar
  57. Table sugar
  58. Treacle sugar
  59. Turbinado sugar
  60. White granulated sugar

The higher up an ingredient is on the list, the more of it is included in a product so be aware and eat smart.

We now know today that sugar impacts just about every organ system in the body. And not in a good way. Sugar causes Inflammation everywhere. With the exception a maybe 2 from the list above all these sugars have ZERO nutritional value to the body.

Sugar will significantly increase your risk of an early death – for many including:

  • Impacts proper brain function
  • Can lead to Type 2 Diabetes after causing insulin resistance
  • Causes Leaky Gut
  • Feeds cancer cells
  • Can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Increases risk of heart disease
  • Leads to obesity
  • Increases internal visceral fat if not burnt off through exercise

PureJo asks you to think before you put something in your mouth.


  • What could be the long term health effects from eating this?
  • How is this food going to help my appetite?
  • Will this genuinely satiate me?
  • Is this nutrient dense to help my body thrive and let me be at optimal health?
  • Do I really want and need this?

Personally I am trying to be a lot more aware and for Lent I have given up all the above sugars (except for when I eat out as monitoring that is very tricky). Still shopping in the supermarket and at home cooking I am doing it.