Scars are pretty unavoidable and I actually quite like them (as long as they are not on my face!). They are part of who we are, our journey in life and have a story to tell. So I believe that we should honor, love and respect them. Often they can be good conversation starters or storytellers.

Scars are normally a result of an injury, skin condition such as acne or physical changes after pregnancy or growing stretch marks. They can take on all sizes, shapes and colours.

If you are finding yours embarrassing or unsightly maybe due to their exposed location on the body and you don’t fancy having surgical procedures to remove them then here are my top natural tricks to reduce their appearance:

1. Aloe Vera

Being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory this works wonders on the skin.

It soothes and helps regenerate the damaged tissues boosting the healing process.

Purchase as a pure gel or remove the substance from the leaf itself, which I did recently on holiday in Turkey to help heal my eczema. Be generous – apply at least 3 times a day and sleep with it on over night.

Added bonus – your skin will glow and get tighter!

2. Coconut Oil

This is amazing to help heal eczema or any wounds, which need to be kept moist. Stops the scar enlarging and itching. The omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants inhibit keloid scar tissue and repair the skin.

Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial it will also stop any infection.

I used it last few weeks to heal my eczema – am still using it actually.

Be generous – apply often, no need to rinse off. Use the best quality possible – raw, organic, and extra virgin.

3. Vitamin E
This was my go to after I had my breasts done and to help heal the scars under the breasts. This antioxidant helps repair damaged tissue and stimulate production of collagen, which improves skin texture and strength.

Use as a pure oil, lotion directly onto the skin or take in capsule form. Massage in for around 15 minutes twice a day at least.

4. Tea Tree Oil

A well-known and used antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal treatment for scars, especially acne scars.

Make sure you use a pure organic form – apply a few drops onto the affected area twice a day. You could mix it with a little coconut oil for added benefits.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Fabulous astringent and natural disinfectant, which will help to clear and clear the scars.

Use high quality vinegar with the ‘Mother’ still inside. Mix a little with some honey and apply to the scar for 10 minutes then rinse 3 times a day.

Be patient, you won’t see results overnight.

Time is a great healer of all things.

Be religious with your treatments, talk to the scar saying that you respect its presence but would like for it to go away.

Visualize perfect clear skin and soon you will see a vast improvement.